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Location. Location. Location. Architecture

Aside from locations literally setting the stage in a story, buildings, monuments, and scenery can enhance and develop moments sometimes beyond words themselves. Architecture specifically has the power to mimic landscapes, rebuild the human form and translate time into a lasting monument. Be it in film or on paper, moments and experiences can transcend dialogue when paired with an unforgettable, symbolic location.Whether it’s the overwhelming feeling of vertigo, the unbearable weight of grave conclusions, or the glittering burst of joy, these experiences are made deeper and richer with the power of stunning visuals and meaningful settings. Inferences made on the human experience through an architectural landscape, setting, or location are beyond compare and continuously perfected in film, video games, comics, and even books.

Galerie F is proud to present Justin Van Genderen’s “Location Location Location: Architecture” which features art prints of specific architecture and broader looks at locations in pop culture from books to cinema. Justin Van Genderen spends most of his time sticking to the ideas. The science. The truth of the matter. The intersection of Science, Art and Design is what occupies his brain most. His artwork in both the architectural and scientific realm seem to answer why we seek order in a universe that moves towards chaos, where our spirituality comes from and what human progress has to say about it all. He does all this while maintaining familiarity in these subjects through pop-culture, notable figures and scientific theories.

Prints on sale through Galerie F.


Hawkins National Laboratory from the series Stranger Things – Filmed at Emory State university



Initech Offices from the film: Office Space. Filmed at a strip of buildings in Austin, Texas.


The towers from the TV series: The Wire. Filmed at the McCulloh homes in Baltimore, Maryland.


Two Pines Chapel from the film: Kill Bill. Filmed at the Calvary Baptist Church in Lancaster California.


The Massive Tyrell Corporation headquarters from the film: Blade Runner. Based on the scale models built for the film.


A shot from outside the gallery on opening night, thanks to everyone who showed up!