• One of our all-time favorite projects was partnering with NASA to create a poster to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity! In its decade on Mars, Curiosity has been collecting vast amounts of data and giving insight into many questions about the red planet--its climate, geology, and even its suitability for the existence of past life.

    In designing the poster, we wanted to highlight the trailblazing aspect of the rover in its spectacular quest to study the Martian frontier. The back of the poster details some of Curiosity's many accomplishments during its initial 10 years on Mars. Stay curious.

Curiosity 10 Year Anniversary

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  • Nothing inspires us more than creating artwork for new and exciting projects at NASA! In this case, we were hired by JPL to design a poster for the Deep Space Atomic Clock, launched by NASA in 2019. To learn more about the Deep Space Atomic Clock--what makes it different from other atomic clocks and how it is able to achieve its jaw-dropping level of precision--visit the JPL website.

    Through the design process, we ended up creating three different versions of the poster; while the first design is focused on the clock's groundbreaking technology, the others attempt to bring in and then center the astronaut within it. You can find free downloadable print files for all three posters right here! We have also created an exclusive "Artist's Version" of the poster, which you can purchase directly through the print shop.

Deep Space Atomic Clock

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  • Exploration of the Sun's effects on Earth is becoming more and more relevant to everyday life. So we were very excited to be given the opportunity to create a poster for JPL's "Solar Surfing," a new study whose goal is to develop technology that will allow a spacecraft to come extremely close to the Sun--millions of miles closer than ever before! 

    The crucial feature of the technology is a shield with a "highly reflective coating" that should allow a spacecraft, and the instruments inside, to withstand the heat within a narrow shadow. In designing this poster, we wanted to highlight the power of this compelling technology and the sheer boldness of the project.

    If you'd like to learn more or download a free copy of the poster, visit NASA’s website, or you can pick up a copy here in our print shop.

Solar Surfing Poster

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