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My 30 favorite Science Fiction Movies

Let’s just start by saying we are all way too smart to fall into the trap of top 10, top 50, top 100 lists. They seem to serve more as a argument topic than anything else. Picking the favorite whatever seems not only impossible but wreaks of something a 5 year old would want to talk about. So when I cam across Rotten Tomatoes 100 Best Science Fiction movie list I went in with a skeptic and guarded mind. So with all that in mind, c’mon man, Star Wars Episode III in front of Jedi?!?!? Gattaca at number 87!?!? I don’t think so. Here are my favorite 30. I put the favy fav’s toward the top and less favs toward the bottom, but no #1 to number #50 junk. (And yes the irony of bashing a top 100 list and then creating one is not lost on me.)

2001: A Space Odyssey: When people ask me what my favorite movie is I say this just to keep from saying nothing, which must mean something.


Looper: I’ve watched this movie over and over again.


Empire Strikes Back – The best Star Wars obvs.


Blade Runner – Noir, replicants, dystopian future, what’s not to like.


Back to the Future – Hard to picture an exec reading this script and saying, yeah sure, that would make a good movie.


Star Wars – I mean, it’s Star Wars.


Mad Max: Fury Road was great, but really can I just include the whole franchise here?


Children of Men – I’m starting to think I should just put any Alfonso Curon movie on this list.


Gravity – After I saw this movie in the theater, I think I told someone that that movie was made for people like me, for whatever that’s worth.


Gattaca: I’ve found myself saying “like in Gattaca” when discussing the future more than any other movie.


Ghost in the Shell: So good they almost made a shot for shot remake.


Ex Machina – A deadly AI, Stephen Hawking would be proud.


Primer – Such a good film with such a small budget.


Under the Skin – I didn’t feel this movie got the credit it deserved.


Blade Runner 2049 – It seems a little early to include this in here, but I want it to succeed so…


Akira: Anything that defines a genre should be on the list I figure.


E.T. – The OG stranger things. I recently re-watched this movie and I gotta say, it has stood the test of time.


The Fifth Element – I actually didn’t like this movie the first time I saw it – now it’s one of those movies I re-watch almost every year.


Terminator 2 – What can I say? I don’t think I would like James Cameron in person, but he makes a good action flik.


Serenity: I would like to include the whole TV series here as well, Whedon at his best.


Moon: Would like to see Duncan Jones return to small sci-fi character driven stories.


12 Monkeys: Time travel plot done right.


Her – I can’t wait to have a really bad break up so I can watch this movie an weep.


THX 1138: Lucas before he was LUCAS.


Arrival – Also seems a little early for this one, but making a whole movie about communicating seems much needed now.


War for the Planet of the Apes – A movie that makes you root for the apes instead of the humans. Which is weird because you’re human.


Guardians of the Galaxy – I can’t think of a movie that matches my sense of humor more.


The Matrix: Woah. I can’t believe this movie was made in the 90’s.


Inception: If MC Escher was a movie. I like MC Escher.


District 9 – I like the visuals in this movie a lot. And the acting of the lead role. And the plot. Yup, I guess I liked this movie.