String Theory


  • 16″ x 24″
  • Hand-made screen print
  • Signed and numbered edition of 100
  • Edition #2
  • 2 colors on 100 lb. natural paper

String theory is part of a quest to understand, and answer some very big questions.  What are we made of?  What is the machinery of the universe?  What forces move and shape it?  For many decades, physicists have been in pursuit of a Grand Unified Theory – a description of the way the universe works, from the large-scale movements of galaxies to the interactions of the subatomic particles that compose us.  Our current picture is split, with conflicting models for the very large and the very small.  Einstein’s General Relativity elegantly describes how gravity interacts with our four dimensions of space and time, but it can’t be combined with our so-called Standard Model of particle physics.  The Standard Model contains a catalog of particles, like quarks and electrons that make up normal matter, and others that act as the messengers of three forces: electromagnetism, the “strong” force that holds the atomic nucleus together, and the “weak” force responsible for radioactivity…



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