Form Study #2


  • 12.5 x 19 in.
  • 2 Color print on 100 lb French Kraft Paper
  • Signed/Numbered edition of 25

With my Form Study series I wanted to approach design from an emotional place. Much of what is created in graphic design follows rules of mathematical precision. One example of such a rule is placing an item of interest on an intersecting 3rd of a page, otherwise knows as the rule of thirds. Another is using numbers and measurements found in the golden ratio to create a more pleasing layout/design. There are many of these principles of design that can be used by designers. This attention to detail can be both necessary and essential for effective visual communication. For my Form Study series I wanted to keep these principles of design in the back of my mind and create something that “felt” right. I wanted the sub-conscience and emotion to guide my hand, not measurements. Though it may be slight and not immediately apparent to the eye, I find beauty in the imperfections this method has created.

All prints from our Small Editions series are hand pulled screen prints that will only ever have one edition. Once they sell out they will not be reprinted.

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