• Sizes: 18″x24″ and 12″x16″
  • Open Edition Art Print
  • Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
  • Archival Quality Ink Jet print – Because this artwork is printed when ordered please allow 3-5 days for product to ship.

Framing Options

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Scientists have looked for life on all eight planets of our solar system, but so far, only earth has life and all the ingredients that generate life and keep it happy. No other planet even has any amoebas or bacteria on it, let alone plants or animals.
What keeps plants, animals and amoebas alive and well on earth? Water, first and foremost. Without water, the vital chemical reactions that nourish and even generate life would not happen. Carbon is also essential. No carbon dioxide means no photosynthesis. Add to that earth’s comfortable distance from the sun, plus the way the atmosphere regulates earth’s temperature, plus the fact that earth’s electromagnetic field and atmosphere screen out harmful radiation while letting in beneficial radiation like light, and you’ve got a delicate balance that makes earth one very lively planet.

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